Finding a CTO is Hard
Finding a CTO is Hard

Finding a CTO is Hard

As a founder, finding a CTO is hard. Many aspiring CEOs have the idea that think may be the latest unicorn. However, they often get stumped by how to realize their ideas. Making this leap is essential to launching a product. 

If you fit the profile, here are some ways you can get the technical help you need for a project:

  1. Hire a software engineer. Hire the first software engineer/CTO to help you with the project. Finding the right fit may be difficult. You have to hire someone who will fight through technical challenges. Moreover, are they willing to work under certain financial conditions. Nevertheless, the right partner can elevate your startup. 
  2. Use a no-code product such as Bubble. No-code platforms are known to launch companies from ideas to realized product. This strategy could help you minimize the costs of getting your idea off the ground. Also, no code required. One thing to realize is that you may need to upgrade your produt over time. You’re kicking this cost down the road. 
  3. Learn how to code yourself. Many founders have had to learn skills on the job. This is not the easiest way to launch a product. However, it could be a way for you to minimize the cost. In addition, you’re creating a product where you are lacking years of experienced development from a potential CTO. 
  4. Hire a consulting firm to help you. Leaning on a consulting firm could help you keep your product on schedule and get a polished product out the door. This has more upfront cost. However, it is the approach with the lowest commitment. In addition, you can benefit from years of product development experience that you may otherwise lack. 

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